Exclusive Night Vision

OPMOD (OpticsPlanet Modification) is a brand featuring best in class products for professionals and those who demand high quality technical gear. The product experts at Optics Planet, Inc. have teamed up with some of the top engineering and marketing teams in the industry, including Armasight, to create the OPMOD brand — a series of customized hunting and tactical products, specially modified to meet the needs of our customers. OPMOD Night Vision and all OPMOD products start with a base of some of the best hunting and tactical gear on the market and address issues or frequent requests of the end-user. The end result is a top quality item that you won?t find anywhere else.

The Armasight OPMOD GEN1M 1.0 Limited Edition Gen 1 Night Vision Monocular is an exclusive product available only at OpticsPlanet.com! This compact night vision scope is lightweight, easy to use, ergonomically designed, and offers you a superbly bright, crisp image. Designed by Armasight for the limited edition OPMOD brand, the OPMOD Armasight Gen1M NV Goggle is a fine choice for any outdoorsman, hunter or security worker, and can be used as night vision goggles with the included hands-free head gear, or as a hand-held NV monocular. For totally dark situations, the OPMOD GEN1M 1.0 Night Vision Goggle includes a built-in short-range infrared illuminator; the more powerful long-range Armasight IR810 IR Illuminator (sold separately) can also be used with the unit.

The Armasight OPMOD GEN1RS 1.0 Limited Edition Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope is also an exclusive product, available at Optics Planet! Made specifically for the OPMOD brand, this compact night vision scope is light, easy to use, and will bring you a crisp and clear view of the night. The OPMOD Armasight Gen1RS 1.0 Night Vision Scope is a mid-range scope that includes 3x power magnification through top-grade optics, and one of the best Gen 1+ intensifier tubes available on the market. A rugged aluminum body protects the inner workings of the night vision scope, with a rubberized outer coating for noiseless operation and superior engineering for shock-proof protection. The top-mounted focus wheel is designed by Armasight to allow precision focusing. An included infrared illuminator lets you augment natural light with your own invisible illumination source for close-range viewing even on the darkest nights. The OPMOD Armasight Gen1RS NV Scope is a fine choice for any hunter, sport shooter or security worker.

To purchase OPMOD Armasight products, visit OpticsPlanet.com today!