Thanks to the latest advancements in electro optical manufacturing Armasight redefines affordable high performance night vision with CORE? (Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine) Image Intensifier technology.

Unlike Gen 1 Image intensifier tubes that are fragile by a virtue of being made from glass, CORE? IITs are made just like Gen 2 and Gen 3 by fusing metal alloys with ceramic compounds. CORE? technology is based on durable elements and allows tight component stacking, resulting in image tubes that are exceptionally shockproof and vibration resistant. Robust packaging envelop lacks easy-to-break protrusions common in Gen 1 tubes and allows for streamline design of lighter, compact and more reliable night vision devices.

CORE? platform offers best in class resolution with 60-70 lp/mm, increased photocathode sensitivity level in upwards of 400?A/lm providing image quality in prevalent ambient light condition rivaling high-end Gen 2 image tubes.

Armasight is excited to introduce its latest CORE? technology systems for the outdoorsman or first responder who demands higher resolution, better image clarity, and greater durability than any standard Gen 1 unit can offer. The CORE? technology is available in all types of night vision equipment in the following Armasight models:

  • Spark Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular
  • Vampire Night Vision Weapon Sight